5 Best Remote-Control Toys That Will keep your cat moving Review

5 Best Remote-Control Toys That Will keep your cat moving Review

5 Best Remote-Control Toys That Will keep your cat moving Review

It is a fact that you want to keep your pet cat happy, healthy, and entertained. Sadly, a high number of pet cats are brought to vet clinics due to the negative behaviors they develop from boredom and stress, including over-grooming, anxiety, and aggression. However, there is an easy solution to this problem. By providing your cat with fun toys and plenty of exercise and attention, you can ensure that your cat remains content and healthy.

There is a large number of pet toys available in the market that can fill your cat’s need. This article provides details of the five best remote-control cat toys available to make your choice much easier.

What to watch out for in a remote-control pet toy

Your cat deserves more than just a cheap cardboard box or a rustling piece of wrapping paper for entertainment and fun. Remote-control toys are the best alternative to this which can give your cat enough activity to discover and play, along with constant chasing and movement required to keep your cat active.

Your cat might become overweight or obese by being kept indoors. But guess what the remote-control toys are here to help you with it. These toys are a perfect source of exercising which your cat badly needs.

5 Best Remote-Control Toys That Will keep your cat moving Review

Top 5 Remote-Control Cat Toys

·   1    WEFOO Forum Novelties IDS Electronic Remote-Control Rat, Simulation Mouse Toy for Cat Kid, Gray

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One of the most classic remote-control toys found in the market that is loved by almost every cat is Electronic Remote-Control Rat.


  1. As all cats love chasing a mouse, this article will surely provide your cat some fair amount of pure, unadulterated entertainment.
  2. The resistant rubber tires in this toy give it durability as it can move on almost every type of surface including carpet.
  3. This remote-control toy can also move forward and backward and hence cannot take your cat to the left and right direction. But given what it does, this toy is surely worth its price.
  4. This toy’s furry covering may not seem realistic but it offers soft protection for your cat’s mouth.

·   2    SmartyKat Electronic Motion Bug Cat Toys

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Your cat’s fondness for cuteness and bright colors will make this remote-control bug from SmartyKat non-resistible.


  1. With only a single button to operate, operating this toy would not require much effort from any of us.
  2. This is an ideal toy for agile cats who love to chase things and jumping around.
  3. This bug can navigate through all the surfaces without much difficulty.
  4. This toy requires batteries, which you need to arrange as they are not included with the product.

·       3. Ruri’s Cat Catch the Interactive LED Light Pointer Paw Style Cat Toys Red Pot Exercise Chaser Toy Pet Scratching Training Tool By Ruri’ s (Black)

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As we mentioned above, movement is necessary for the better health of your cat and this toy is a perfect selection for cats that like fast-moving objects and bright lights.


  1. This toy’s interactive laser-pointer, which can shine over large distances, can provide your cat with enough energetic time.
  2. You also don’t need to keep pressing the button as the beam remains shining until turned off manually.

·   4    Allytech RC Mouse Funny Wireless Remote Control Rat Toy for Cats Dogs Pets Kids Novelty Gift Funny (Grey)

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This is the second remote-control rat that makes it to our top-five list because of its popularity and entertainment.


  1. This product comes in a variety of colors which include brown, black, and grey. Hence, if you have more than one cat in the house, you need not worry as they can have one mouse each for chasing activity.
  2. Many customers have reviewed this product as being highly durable and agile over most common surfaces including carpets.


·  5     HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy Pack Plus Remote Control

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5 Best Remote-Control Toys That Will keep your cat moving Review

This cat toy by HEXBUG can provide your feline with activeness and a fine piece of entertainment for more than a couple of hours.


  1. This furry toy’s realistic appearance makes it fun to chase.
  2. This product comes with 12 batteries with it so you don’t need to arrange them.
  3. This toy’s battery-saving features make it stop if it runs for a while without any interaction. Thus, you will need not to switch it off again and again or change its battery now and then.


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