5 Best Washable Dog Beds That Last Almost A Lifetime Review

5 Best Washable Dog Beds That Last Almost A Lifetime Review

Dogs are man’s best friend as their relationship goes way back. So how do you treat a best friend? With care and affection of course. In the event, you have purchased a non-washable dog bed, and your pup comes into the house tracking mud and debris, any pet owner would go wild coming to terms with this event. That is why washable dog beds have become a popular trend nowadays.

5 Best Washable Dog Beds That Last Almost A Lifetime Review

Washable dog beds also provide a list of benefits. They include:

  1. They last longer– just the act of keeping them clean can go a long way in expanding the life span of a dog bed. On the other hand, beds that cannot be washed end up accruing too much dirt and are just thrown away.
  2. Are great for outdoor use– this is because many dogs tend to love outdoors more than indoors. This is a solution if your dog loves getting all dirty and muddy. Worry no more and get a washable dog bed.
  3. Easier to maintain– they are so easy to maintain; in fact, you could just throw it into the washing machine!
  4. Great for home interiors– for indoor dogs that are not so much into the outdoor world, if their bed is left unkempt then that is an unsightly view. Washable dog beds will give you that welcoming touch if they are kept clean.


So, let us jump right in. these are the best washable dog beds in 2020:

  1. K&H Pet Products Original Dog Cot

This is a fashion meeting function. This is a cot style bed that is very easy to clean. Simply, wipe down with a wet or damp cloth for regular cleaning. This is a good outdoor solution because you can very conveniently put the removable cover into the laundry machine for cleaning.

Also, for adventurers that don’t like leaving their dog behind on camping trips, this is an awesome solution for you. It is portable and very durable.

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  1. K&H Pet Products Bolster Couch Pet Bed

This is just a luxurious couch bed made just specially for your dog. It has an inside cushion that is made from recycled bottles making it eco-friendly while at the same time giving your dog an enjoyable nap time. Additionally, it has a removable bed cover that is easily washed and not to forget, the cushion is also washable.

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  1. Happy Care Textiles Reversible Rectangle Quilted Dog Bed

When you think of modern beddings for your dog, think about Happy care. They have come up with this very comfy model to meet your pup’s needs. It also has a reversible design that will pave way for better naps because of the polyester lining on the sleeping space. Lastly, this dog bed comes at only 20$ making it not only economical but very comfortable.

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  1. Frisco Tufted Lounger Square Dog Bed

This is a great solution to larger dogs that need more space to relax and nap. It is a washable tufted bed that is built with a modern design to achieve a sleek gray look. It does not stop there, it is filled with polyester fiber to give your pet that cozy feel. It is fully washable and you will never worry about germs making your puppy sick. You can check it out on Amazon via the link below

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  1. Furl-Haven NAP Ultra Plush Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed

This bed is very affordable and is actually the most budget-friendly washable dog bed available on even larger sizes. It is sure to fit even the larger breeds to give them a very comfortable feel. Additionally, it has bed contours to your pet’s body to give them that extra comfy feel.

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Lastly, the washable dog beds are awesome for traveling, camping and most are available for all sizes right from a small puppy to a grown dog. They also come right to fit your budget as compared to non-washable ones that come at a slightly higher price. However, a pro-tip, these beds are probably not the best choice for dogs that are prone to chewing on their bed because it makes it very hard to clean it and remove the stains. As you get your pet a new bed kindly regard the size as the major factor when choosing a bed.

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