Best Outdoor Heated Cat Bed: Top 5 Bed Review

Best Outdoor Heated Cat Bed: Top 5 Bed Review

Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

Does your cat love to spend time outdoor? Or are you looking to go out with your pet for an outing in cool winter nights? Then Outdoor heated cat bed must be your preferred choice. This article sheds light on how to choose an outdoor heated cat bed and the top 5 best outdoor heated cat beds.

Best Outdoor Heated Cat Bed: Top 5 Bed Review

What to look for in an Outdoor heated cat bed

There are some things that your heated cat bed should do and several features that you might want to think about looking for. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while shopping an outdoor heated bed for your cat:

  1. Washability

It is easiest to choose a machine-washable bed. Some fabrics and all electronic components need to stay dry, however, so be sure you know ahead of time how to keep your cat’s bed clean.

  1. Size

If your cat is larger than average, you might need to look for a large bed. On the other hand, a small cat might not feel as secure in a bed that is too big.

  1. Self-warming vs Electric

There are two types of outdoor heated beds: Electric and Self-warming. The former uses a thermostat to produce heat and keep your cat warm. While the latter uses special warming material to keep your cat’s bed warm.

Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

As promised earlier, we are going to mention here the best outdoor cat beds so that you can make your choice easily:

  1. Outdoor Kitty House by K&H Pet Products

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This outdoor kitty house comes from a renowned manufacturer of pet products, namely K&H, which has garnered a solid reputation over the years as an industry leader of reliable and high-quality devices for pets.


  1. K&H is a reputable business, and you can rely on support and warranty with any device they brand.
  2. This smart house comes in both heated and unheated styles.
  3. Heated Outdoor Cat House by PETYELLA – with extension cords & plug-in timer

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This heated house has indeed quite beautiful designs and resembles a little dollhouse. It will certainly add some style and beauty to your yard, in case you care about how the kitty’s house would look.


  1. The house features a heated pet mat with a 3-ft chew-proof cord and a 13-ft extension cord.
  2. This house also contains a plug-in timer for those concerned about saving energy and the overall pet safe.
  3. It is also water-resistant and would suit both small cats and dogs who are under 25 lbs.
  4. K&H Outdoor Multi Kitty A-Frame

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This is the most expensive item on the list, which is available both heated and unheated, with the latter being slightly cheaper. The unit also comes from the same renowned manufacturer, as the first one in our guide, namely K&H, with all the necessary safety marks.


  1. It is both waterproof (bottom) and water-resistant (top), and specifically designed for outdoor use.
  2. The heated mat uses only 40 watts, which is more than the kitty house featured first in our TOP list, meaning it will keep your four-legged friends nice and toasty throughout freezing temperatures.
  3. Mod Dream Pod by K&H Pet Products


If you wish to purchase this item, here is a link

This product looks different from the others featured above and resembles a little comfy pod or bowl. Just like the other options, it is available both heated and unheated. The unit features a rugged 600-Denier polyester exterior, which is water-resistant.


  1. It is so easy to assemble with the zips, that even the least smart person on Earth would figure out the construction in no time.
  2. The heated model uses only 4 watts, so the heating is very gentle and easy.
  3. Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Thermal Bed

Lastly, here is a link to Amazon

When looking at this bed, one would probably wish it for yourself. The bed looks so comfy and plush, that you would be totally glad to receive this pet bed. It is luxuriously warm and soft.


  1. This product features a faux-fur lining and trim, a combination of fleece and foam padding, and a microfiber outer shell.
  2. This bed can be used in four different ways: a cave to hide in, a flatbed to stretch out on, and the fur-lined “cup” or microfiber-lined “pod” to curl up in

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