Bird Ruddy: Bird Lovers' Indispensable Buddy

Bird Ruddy: The Singing Book is one of John Murray Anderson's first published books and is certainly a bird lover's delight. A simple love story between two birds, it tells the tale of how a pair of Ruddy birds are forced together and saved from a bear who wants to eat them. It's a nice little story with some good lessons for young children about friendship and trust and how even birds can have a soft side.

Bird Ruddy


While it may seem like a small book, The Singing Book is filled with so much fun and color that you'll want to read it over again. It's about the relationship between the little Ruddy and his friend, the Yellow Bunting. These two birds enjoy singing, dancing and playing together and when they realize that they cannot sing together anymore, they decide to sing a song to each other instead.

But, things go wrong and before you get too excited in putting your favorite pair of Ruddy Birds out, you must know a few things. For example, these birds are not easy to please. This is because they vary greatly in size and strength. One size doesn't fit all. You will be quite disappointed if you choose to use this as the basis for your bird cage decoration plans.

To get this point across to you, let me give you an example. Let's say you want to make a songbird aviary. You could make many of these aviaries with a single species of bird, but it would take many more to fill them. Therefore, I suggest that you choose a different species of birds to help keep things interesting and to make your bird ruddy songs more interesting. And if you don't use any birds of the right size and strength, your efforts will be in vain.

If you choose a medium-sized bird, your efforts will definitely pay off. You will see that your birds are able to hold their own songs against other songbirds and against you. If you choose the opposite size of birds, they will probably have to fight each other to get your attention. This is what I call 'warfare' and I'm sure it doesn't happen with birds that have similar sizes.

So how do you go about building a great bird ruddy? First, pick out the perfect size for your bird aviary. Next, try and match the bird's temperament to the area. Finally, pick out some of your favorite bird songs and make sure they are played often enough to attract songbirds to your bird home.

Now, once you've chosen the right size and the right temperament for your bird aviary, start thinking about the songs that you want your birds to sing. If you want a peaceful environment, play some slow background music that will help to make your bird feel more relaxed and at ease. Some birds are hard-wired for this type of environment and will sing away when you least expect it. Birds are very social animals and enjoy the company of other birds of all kinds.

To learn more about building bird homes and how to provide a great home for your bird, purchase "How To Build A Bird Home" as well as other great books by award winning birder Bill Patterson. You'll have everything you need to turn your backyard into the best bird house in town. With a little planning, you can create an oasis where birds can nest and raise their young.

While we want to enjoy our backyards from the air, we also want to be able to see them from below. Many birds love to sit on branches in the winter to watch the stars and the night sky above. In the fall, watching star-studded night skies can be quite beautiful. When we're busy creating great habitat for our bird friends, we may forget to give them a place to sit, but that doesn't mean we have to deprive them of the great outdoors.

A great way to encourage birds to nest is with bird houses. These structures usually hold three or four red-colored plastic domes. The roofs are usually held up with horizontal bars placed across the bottom. Inside, you can hang a small bird feeder or water dispenser, bird toys such as cat toys, and nesting boxes. You can also put a couple of hammocks, if your yard is large enough to accommodate them. Bird houses can also provide your pet birds with a place to sleep outside during inclement weather.

For many people, bird watching and keeping bird houses clean is part of their daily routine. Bird watching is more than entertainment for many people. It's a fun hobby that also helps educate people about different types of birds. For those bird lovers who live in the city, keeping clean bird houses is an important part of what makes it a fun hobby. If you want to have bird friends around all season, be sure to clean up after them!