Do-It-Yourself Pet Grooming is Becoming Popular Review

Do-It-Yourself Pet Grooming is Becoming Popular Review

Did you know you have to pay anywhere between $30 to $90 on average for standard pet grooming services? Multiply that by 4 and you are looking at a pet grooming bill that’s close to $500 per month.

That’s a significant amount of money that you are paying for something that you could do it yourself. And believe me, when I say – there’s more to DIY Pet Grooming than just saving money.

Else why do you think Do-it-Yourself Pet Grooming is becoming popular among pet owners?

So, without any further delays, let’s get you acquainted with DIY pet grooming and how it could benefit both you and your pet.

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Pet Grooming: why do-it-yourself?

Grooming is an essential part of any pet caring process. It helps keep your pet clean and stay healthy.

The thick fur/hair, nails, whiskers, and more are what gives your pet that irresistible charm. However, these features are also the ones that will bring the most discomfort to your pet unless taken care of.

Grooming your pet helps maintain its appearance and health. But you might ask – Why do-it-yourself when there are professional shops with experts in pet grooming?

Yes, there are professional groomers who tend to a large number of pets on a daily basis. Your pet is just one of their clients. But for you, he/she is the one and only.

Are you getting what I’m pointing to? It is the relationship between you and your little buddy.

It is a bond of love, trust, and care between both of you. Grooming your pet yourself helps deepen this bond. It becomes a way of showing your appreciation which I’m sure your buddy loves the most.

Moreover, you also save time and money doing so here on Amazon.

Even a simple nail trim or haircut takes a minimum of 30-minutes operation time. Add to that the duration of commute and you might be looking anywhere between an hour to two. Grooming your pet at home saves you the time in traffic, appointment, and waiting – the time you could invest somewhere else.

Besides, self-pet grooming is also easy on the pocket. Apart from the initial investment in the grooming tools and products, your expenditures would be minimal compared to the monthly bills of grooming shops.

To sum up, grooming your pet yourself:

  • Improves your pet-owner relationship
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money

Why DIY Pet Grooming is becoming popular

There are some notable benefits of DIY pet grooming. People are realizing these perks and preferring to care for their pets themselves. It is helping them understand their fury companions better while also giving them additional time to invest somewhere else and cut their expenses.

So, no wonder it is a trend that’s catching up fast with the pet owners.

Want to give it a try? But before you do, there are a few things you need to know.

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What you need to know about DIY Pet Grooming

For self pet grooming, you need to first know what the different procedures are and the how-tos. Besides, there will be additional information that’s specific to a process, pet type or breed, or your individual pet.

Grooming procedures

Brushing, Bath, Nail Trim, and Haircut are the standard grooming procedures. Apart from that, there’s ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, deworming to name a few.

You don’t have to know every procedure from the get-go. As a beginner, I suggest starting with brushing and bathing. It is not just about you learning to groom, but also about your pet getting acquainted with the activities. There will be a learning curve for both of you, so take it slow.

Also, take your pet’s individual characteristics into account. Maybe it has sensitive skin or is scared of noises. Things like these could change your preferred tools and products for grooming.

For example, you might have to go with a skin-specific shampoo instead of a generic one. Or use scissors instead of clippers for cutting hair.

It’s always nice to consult a vet in case you are confused about what products will suit your pet. That way, you don’t have to worry about hurting your pet while grooming.

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Self-pet-grooming can be fun…

If you know ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do.’ Professional grooming will only help to keep your pet clean and healthy; DIY grooming will make your pet love you more.

Moreover, you also save some time and money in the process. It is a win-win situation for both of you. So, are you up for the challenge?

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