Obedience Training Is Great For Your Dog; Here Is Why Review

Obedience Training Is Great for Your Dog; Here is why Review

Dogs, like humans, are social animals. They learn from socializing agents around them. Thus, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to teach your dog how to behave and what are do’s and don’ts. This can be achieved through an obedience training program. You and your dog will find this training extremely useful and amusing. This article will shed some light on what obedience training is and what benefits will it have for your dog.

What is Obedience training?

Obedience training is a focused program that teaches your dog some basic commands and general expectations of society. It is a socializing exercise for your dog to make life easier for you as well as his own.

Benefits of Obedience Training for your dog:

There are many benefits of obedience training. Some of them are highlighted below:


The first and most important benefit of obedience training of your dog will be the safety of your dog as well as your family. According to research, trained dogs generally have a lower risk of getting a car accident, or being attacked by another dog or being given for adoption. So, if you want to make your dog’s life more secure, make sure to train him some of the basic obedience commands like Sit, drop, Stay, etc.

Better control

After your dog knows all the basic commands, you will be able to manage him in a better way. This will help in avoiding any uncomfortable situation at home or public places like parks etc. You will also not need to lock your dog away when you have guests at your home. Some basic commands like Heel, Off, and Stay which are taught at obedience schools will provide your pet with knowledge on how to greet people politely, how to behave in public, and how to stay calm and safe.

Solid bonds

Obedience training helps you create a better bond with your dog. It gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your dog and helps you in understanding your dog. You will be able to learn his body language and the unique signals that your dog uses when he communicates with you. It gives your pet the tools he needs to succeed when he masters a command you want him to know.

Reduces Stress

When your dog knows what you are commanding and how he should behave, it makes him more relaxed, responsive, confident, and content. According to research, dogs that have taken obedience training tend to pay more attention to their owners, and hence are less stressed. This creates a bond of trust and mutual respect with your dog.

Social, friendly dogs

As mentioned above, dogs are social animals, and socialization is a very important aspect of their life. It teaches him how to interact with other dogs, and what is considered acceptable and not acceptable in dog language. This is an essential life lesson that your dog needs to understand and know if he is to get along with other dogs. Your dog will come in contact with other dogs on everyday occasions for example appointments at the veterinary clinic, walk in the park, and if he goes into a kennel.

Fun and Enjoyment

Whether you take your dog to an obedience training school or teach him at home, your dog will love this time that you spend with him. You should try rewarding your dog with some pleasant gift if he learns a command and it will boost your dog’s confidence and bolster his expectations.

Conclusion: Obedience Training 

To sum up, obedience training is an essential aspect of socialization for your dog. With the help of this training, your dog becomes more friendly, relaxed, responsive, and confident. This, in turn, makes your life with your partner less stressful and more fun.

Obedience Training

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