Top 5 Best Sellers in Dog’s DNA Tests Review

Top 5 Best Sellers in Dog's DNA Tests Review

There is no dog like yours. You need to take care of its health, surrounding, home, food, and breeding. With advancement and increase in dog mixed breeding, the need for identification card keeping track of original traces of dog breed has increased. DNA testing kits for Dogs are development for this purpose.

Dog’s DNA test helps to determine the original traits of its breed and varieties. Having known the genetic makeup of your pet enables you to select best for its training, nutrition, and take care of its unique needs. DNA test basically empowers dog owners with dog’s origins and inherited diseases in order to ensure planning a happier and healthier future of their pet.

DNA test kits are easy to use. There is a large variety of tests available. The quality of these kits can be determined from the number of breeds and genetic problems the test works out, the postage included, packaging style and presentation of results. Here are the top 5 sellers in dog’s DNA tests:

Wisdom Panel Health Canine Breed + Disease Detection

Wisdom Health Panel is the best option if you think you have a dog of a mixed breed. It tests for more than 350 breeds (more than any) and detects more than 150 genetic problems. Wisdom Panel also claims 93 percent accuracy in its results. One of its accounts can be used for multiple kits. With amazing packaging and excellent presentation of kits, Wisdom Panel simply provides everything any other test would provide inexpensive rates.


Embark Dog Test Kit

With 95 to 99 percent, Embark Dog is the most accurate and comprehensive canine test. The website is very easy to navigate, facilitates customers with sharing dashboards, and downloadable test reports. It makes sharing results seamlessly easy. It tests for more than 250 breeds and 150 genetic disorders. Though this test provides even more data than the owners are interested in, yet it’s medical test alone makes it worth it.


Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

This is another simple cheek swab test that provides you with all the DNA-based insights about your dog. You will get a fairly large “family-tree” of your dog’s breed results which you will receive via email. It also facilitates its users by providing MDR1 testing. This test can help in the prevention of adverse drug reactions. They do provide a frame-worthy certificate.


DNAffirm DNA Dog breed test

This is a very inexpensive test mostly known for its quick results. It only entertains two genetic disorder tests (MDR1 and EIC). Despite its cheap test rates, it’s woefully inaccurate test results and poor packaging mostly makes a customer go somewhere else for better dog’s DNA tests.


Orivet Mixed Breed Identification & Life Plan Dog DNA Test

This test is best known for providing personalized personal plan which provides detailed information about the original breed, inherited genetic problems and their possible solutions. The life plan includes your dog’s age, origin traits, recommended routine, and further tests based on inherited problems. This can be very helpful in sharing with your veterinarian.


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